Delray Beach culinary entrepreneur Barbarajayne DeGolyer credits her French/Italian ancestry, extensive travel, love of farm-fresh local food, and passion for cooking as the foundation for her launch of the Sassy Palate line of artisanal products. Sassy Palate products are naturally delicious. Organic vegetables are cooked low and slow in small batches, with no additives or preservatives. At the heart of the Sassy Palate team’s product development is a desire to offer home cooks of all ages quality products in new and delicious flavor combinations that are affordable, versatile and time-saving.

Choose from eight savory Sassy Palate selections: Zucchini Crema, French Onion Marmalade, Tuscan Bean with Summer White Truffle, Roasted Aubergine Supreme, Zippy Black Bean, Luscious Leeks, Blistered Tomato Confit and Confetti Salsa.

The Sassy Palate products are intended for use as stand-alone appetizers, or as sauce bases for entrees ranging from pasta to proteins, and are perfect for entertaining, snacking, week-night dinners, and gifts.

Order Sassy Palate’s products by telephone at 561.274.7499, or by email at



Meet Tabanero, an all-natural hot sauce made with the finest ingredients from Tabasco, Mexico and manufactured locally in Boca Raton. Tabanero features a habanero base and a combination of fresh vegetables including carrots, onions, agave, garlic, key lime juice and grapefruit seed extract. The agave nectar provides some balance to the habanero peppers, giving the sauce a hint of sweetness and an award winning flavor. Foodies will love the all-natural designation and gluten free status, with no vinegar taste.

Indeed, Tabanero has received glowing reviews from chefs and food bloggers, including a five star review from the influential “sauce authority” and a glowing review from In 2012, US Food named Tabanero its “rookie of the year”. The reviews have enabled Tabanero to expand its reach to local restaurants in Palm Beach ranging from popular breakfast haunts to fine dining establishments. Tabanero is the latest brand from local entrepreneur Carl DeSantis, founder of Rexall Sundown vitamins and majority shareholder of Boca-based Celsius, a healthy calorie burning beverage. De- Santis has tapped former Delray Beach Mayor Jeff Perlman as Tabanero CEO.

While breaking through in the crowded sauce market may seem daunting, the Tabanero team is confident. “We have a great tasting sauce and our goal is to develop a brand not a commodity,” says Perlman. “The restaurants love it, we are competitively priced and we want to grow smart in our home market of Florida, and in California and Texas.

Tabanero is pleased to offer Edible Palm Beach subscribers a special discount on your Tabanero purchase! Visit or call Tabanero at 888.443.4224, use the promotional code EDIBLE14, and enjoy additional savings.



There’s a new player in the farmers’ market scene in Palm Beach County, and it’s not a new market. It’s a mobile and web platform called, aimed at improving the market experience for owners, vendors and patrons alike. Visit the site on the fly and you’ll have current, accurate data on the farmers’ and green markets in Palm Beach County, complete with locations, maps, hours, contact information and market photos, right in your hand.

Despite the seeming simplicity of this user friendly tool, the work to bring this resource to the community has been daunting. Keeping track of markets and vendors during the season is no small task. Most data sources have incomplete or inaccurate information, and lack visual appeal. The data and photos in have been carefully compiled and validated by its founder, Hector Iribarne.

Iribarne grew up in South America and Europe before making Southeast Florida his home. His childhood overseas included shopping at local markets for fresh food as a way of life. A technologist by profession, Iribarne’s dream is to combine his passions for local food and technology into a business that helps the community. Don’t let Iribarne’s quiet demeanor fool you. He’s just started fulfilling his dream with, with more to come.

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